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Patagonia Traveler, your Travel Agency in Argentina!

Patagonia Traveler organizes tailor made trips. Thinking of traveling to Argentina? We can create an itinerary catered to your exact needs.

But overall, what you do need is the assessment from a good travel and tourism agency which can offer interesting and enjoyable itineraries, and where you can get the best package tour to visit Argentina in a different way which is attractive to the whole family group. The agency we are talking about is Patagonia Traveler!

Due to its vast territory, everything has to be very well organized for everybody to enjoy it and have fun. You will also learn how to get to know incredible and unforgettable places.

So many different options to visit! The capital city, Buenos Aires, it offers the best theatres, the best restaurants and pubs, amazing book stores and lovely tours. The Iguazu Falls with their amazing amount of water falling continuously, producing a deafening sound that shows the power of nature. Mendoza, with its Andes chain in the background and the best vineyards and wineries which produce the best Malbec in the world.

Or it could also be San Martin de los Andes, Bariloche, Villa La Angostura, to wander in the woods, navigate lakes, climb slopes to take pictures of amazing views, eat –and buy- delicious chocolates… And if we think about the south, the southernmost place on Earth, then we must think about Tierra del Fuego, with Ushuaia, its capital city, where your children will enjoy a lovely trip on the End of the World Train!

The list of attractions is uncountable. That is why you need to have an excellent travel and tourism agency which will offer you the best package tour for you to get to know Argentina. Purchase yours in Patagonia Traveler!

¿Why Patagonia Traveler?


Patagonia Traveler is a Travel Agency accredited by the Ministry of Tourism of Argentina. We also have insurance to protect your investment.


We are travelers just like you. We understand possible unforeseen events. Our policies are flexible.

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We are at your disposal throughout the trip to provide suggestions, take care of the details and solve any unforeseen event.


We are expert travel designers. We personalize your vacation based on your interests and preferences.